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Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd. specializes in integrated water management. We have extensive experience in freshwater ecology, green building and site design, riparian area assessments, storm water management, community watershed management, watershed assessment, planning for drinking water supplies, urban stream rehabilitation, interagency collaboration, training, and education.

Our offices are located in Kimberley and Victoria BC.
Some of our recent presentations include:

March 29, 2015. BC Lake Stewardship Society. Lake keepers course. Stream ecology field trip. Colquitz River and Elk Lake. Saanich, BC.

March 6, 2015. Alberta On-site Wastewater Management Association. Edmonton, AB.

January 30, 2015. Water, water everywhere, nor any
drop to drink – the death of stationarity. Canadian Water Resources Association Workshop: Extreme Westcoast: Geomorphology, hydrology and ecology of the aftermath of extreme events. Vancouver, BC.

January 23, 2015. Changing the Conversation. Keynote address to Washington On-site Sewage Association. Tacoma, WA.

June 21, 2014. Urban Design That Functions Like Forests. Cascadia Green Building Council Vancouver Island. Esquimalt Living Community Design Competion.
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November 20-22 2013. Greenbuild Nation International Conference and Expo. Philadelphia, PA. Presented by the U.S. Green Building Council. One of four presenters in “Innovative Governance for One Water: Research & Action Plan". Patrick Lucey - Presented with: Dale Manty (USEPA), Vic D’Amato (Tetra Tech Inc.), and Valerie Nelson (Water Alliance).

July 28-31, 2013. Water Environment Federation/International Water Association. Nutrient Removal and Recovery: Trends in Resource Recovery and Use.  Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel, Vancouver, B.C. Invited presentation.

Feb 2013 Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association Convention (AOWMA). Edmonton, AB. “Securing the Future: Environment, Technology, and Economy” presentation.

Oct 16-18 2012  28th Annual Onsite Water Protection Conference; Securing the Future: Environment, Technology, and Economy. Hickory, NC. North Carolina State University. "Smart, Clean and Green: The Financial Business Case for Integrated Design."

Oct 22-23 2012  Sustainable Cape Cod. New Tools and Practices for Clean Water and Community Benefit, Hyannis, MA Sponsored by the Water Alliance, US EPA, Cape Cod Commission "The New Alchemy: Rethinking the Role of a Science and Research Imperative."

June 14, 2010   WERF Federal Agency Briefing, Washington, DC
Integration: A New Framework and Strategy for Water Management in Towns and Cities. With Water Environment Research Foundation

June 4, 2010  Sustainable Building Seminar, Canada Pavillion, Shanghai Expo, China
Patrick Lucey - "Closed Loop Water and Energy Systems: Implementing Nature's Design in Cities of the Future" featuring the Vancouver Olympic Village with Roger Bayley, Scot Hein, Albert Bicol and Jessica McDonald
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