• Wm. Patrick Lucey

    Sr. Aquatic Ecologist, R.P. Bio., C. Biol., MRSB

    Mr. Lucey, the president of Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd. is a senior aquatic ecologist with a background in freshwater and marine ecology, resource management and political science. His specialities are managing water resources so that they add value to development projects, and demonstrating how maintenance and enhancement of ecological function can provide cost-savings on infrastructure and result in a healthier environment. He has established a personal reputation as a specialist in design and construction of quality rainwater management systems, streams and wetlands and is respected by both clients and regulators for his ecologically sound, yet innovative approaches to protecting water resources within urban environments. He is a co-author of a report commissioned by the Province of BC, entitled “Resources From Waste: Integrated Resource Management” which reviewed the integration of decentralized wastewater treatment, water reuse and energy capture to create closed-loop urban water and energy systems that make a profit for communities. Mr. Lucey was a Special Advisor to the British Columbia Government on their new Water Policy “Living Water Smart” released last spring.

    Mr. Lucey is a founding member of the Canadian and BC Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) stream/wetland assessment cadre and is trained in the USGBC LEED™ certification process. He acts as a graduate studies supervisor for students in urban stream ecology and was instrumental in the establishment of an Industrial Chair in Environmental Management of Drinking Water Watersheds, at the University of Victoria, which began in 1999. Mr. Lucey’s water management and design expertise has been incorporated into the Vancouver Island Technology Park (1st LEED™ building in Canada), the UVic Integrated Stormwater Management Plan, many residential developments and several LEED™ green buildings. He was on the design teams of Dockside Green in Victoria BC (LEED™ platinum community), South East False Creek (site of the 2010 Olympic Village) and British Pacific Properties’ Rodgers Creek project, a 210-acre subdivision on the slopes of West Vancouver.

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  • Cori L. Barraclough

    Freshwater Ecologist, M. Sc., R.P. Bio., C. Biol., MRSB, PMP, P.Ag.

    As a Freshwater Ecologist, Project Manager and Co-Founder at Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd., Cori helps local governments in British Columbia to manage and protect their communities’ water resources in a cost-effective, feasible and responsible way.

    For more than 20 years, Cori has earned the trust of busy operations managers, superintendents, and provincial regulators by delivering recommendations derived from the intersection of ecology and science, urban management and regulation. Over that time, she has helped municipalities and developers to navigate provincial law, protect water quality, educate, secure grant funding, and prevent waste.

    From the development and implementation of practical watercourse maintenance manuals for municipal road crews, to assisting with the design of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Village’s water and ecology elements, Cori enjoys the challenge of meeting her clients’ needs while balancing the constraints of their watersheds, budgets, and political mandates.

    Though she’s professionally grounded in the research, behavior, and impact of water ecology, Cori understands that viable scientific recommendations must account for the real-world, political influences her clients confront in their decision-making processes, including issues such as social palatability, timing, and funding.

    Regardless of the project’s budget, Cori prefers to work in tandem with nature; over the long term, leveraging ecosystem services is more cost-effective and financially sustainable than technological fixes. Furthermore, faced with a changing climate, Cori maintains that we must begin to build resilience into our urban ecology now.

    On a personal level, her advocacy for responsible management of water and landscape is rooted in a childhood spent visiting and exploring her family’s ranch bordered by the beautiful Kootenay River.


  • Tracy Motyer

    Biology Technologist, B.Sc., R.B. Tech.

    Born and raised in Calgary, Tracy began pursuing her interests in environmental management at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where she obtained a diploma in Environmental Technology.  Enticed by the desire to travel and opportunity to fast track her undergraduate studies, Tracy moved to Victoria in the summer of 2008 to complete her B.Sc. in Environmental Science at Royal Roads University.

    Tracy has worked as an environmental technician for Aqua-Tex since 2009. As a technician, Tracy's specialty is in undertaking environmental assessments, primarily related to freshwater ecology and riparian landscapes. She is well-versed in plant identification and has a keen eye for detail.

    Tracy is a key member in undertaking Riparian Area Regulation assessments, proper functioning condition assessments, permitting, and environmental monitoring and is involved in both  field assessment and reporting.

    Tracy is always looking for ways to increase her understanding of how biology works on the ground and has participated in a number of workshops since 2009, most recently Ministry of Environment Riparian Area Regulation workshops, a water quality sampling workshop and a bioengineering techniques course.

    Tracy spends her spare time tending her vegetable garden, playing on two softball teams, camping and hiking with her dog Rogue.

  • The Canines

    Ghillie and Rogue
    Ghillie is a 10 year old Aussie who loves being in the field and defending the team against marauding squirrels. She and her best buddy Rogue, a 8 year old Great Dane mix, can usually be found wherever there is field work to be done.
  • We design and build projects that are efficient, effective and affordable both for the owner and for the community. Smart development can provide both economic and ecological benefits and can enhance the communities in which we live and work. Our solid understanding of the science of freshwater ecology ensures that our projects go beyond looking green, and function properly in both the short and long-term. We believe in an integrated team approach to sustainable planning and design.
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    - Cori L. Barraclough
    Freshwater Ecologist at Aqua-Tex