Dockside Green

A sustainable community demonstrates innovation and effectiveness in ecological, social/community, and financial planning.  One objective of this development will be to demonstrate to the City, other levels of government, and the community that sites can be developed in a sustainable manner to benefit communities environmentally, socially and financially.

One of many unique features of Dockside Green is not its innovative stormwater management, but rather its fully integrated water management that treats water as a valuable resource in all its forms. Rainwater, stormwater, greywater and blackwater will all be reused on site in an attempt to mimic the natural hydrologic cycle as far as possible, given current technology and regulations.
As one of the core members of the original concept team, our role in this project is to: provide concepts and advice on integrated water management; provide design guidance on greenway construction and stormwater management; consult on shoreline restoration; and conduct Erosion and Sedimentation Control auditing.  This project is on going.

  • We design and build projects that are efficient, effective and affordable both for the owner and for the community. Smart development can provide both economic and ecological benefits and can enhance the communities in which we live and work. Our solid understanding of the science of freshwater ecology ensures that our projects go beyond looking green, and function properly in both the short and long-term. We believe in an integrated team approach to sustainable planning and design.
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    - Cori L. Barraclough
    Freshwater Ecologist at Aqua-Tex